Additional Services & Information

  • Exhibitions: Should you wish to prepare an exhibit of your work in Colombia, ARCAPACHA provides an affordable hourly-based consulting and communications service to assist you in contacting galleries, theatres or other venues in Colombia. Please note that venues make their own decisions regarding exhibitions. Our fee for support services is €15 per hour including transportation time. If no exhibitions can be arranged, 30% of our consulting fees will be refunded to you.

    Galleries in Bogota:
    The Museo de Arte del Tolima is nearby.

    Theaters for live performance in Bogota:

  • Languages: ARCAPACHA Staff are fluent in Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Italian and Finnish. We encourage our guests to bring some educational aspects into their plans by organizing workshops or seminars for local adults, youth and/or children. Guests who wish to engage in a project involving the local people will usually need to communicate in Spanish. ARCAPACHA staff will assist on a casual basis. Full scheduled language interpretation support is available as part of our fee-based consulting and communications service.

  • Website: Residents are offered space on the ARCAPACHA website to show photos and videos of their work undertaken at ARCAPACHA, with a short biography, and links back to their main web or social media sites. Our staff will be happy to assist with photos on request. Comprehensive photo or video documentary coverage of your activities during the residency can be arranged as part of our fee-based consulting and communications service.

  • Farm Activities: On our small farm we cultivate and process mainly cacao (chocolate), passion fruit and mango. We also grow papaya and guanabana (soursop). Guests may participate as much or as little as they wish in agricultural, reforestation and community development activities, with the staff, or in collaboration with the people in the village of Yopal. We suggest that guest bring water-resistant hiking boots, or to buy them in Bogota upon arrival.

  • Recreation: Swimming and hiking are all on-location and in the surrounding region. La Maravilla is a nearby village with a natural pond and thermal water for swimming. ARCAPACHA staff will assist with information, and can guide small trips in the region.

  • Yoga: Guests are invited to include Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and/or Pilates coaching in their residency program. Netta Warga is a certified yoga instructor. These services are available at negotiated rates, depending on your preferences.

  • Health and Safety: Applicants should have travel insurance. Tropical vaccinations should be taken before coming to the residency. Please check for recommendations of tropical medicine clinics in your home country. For medical issues that may arise, the farm is about 25 km from the mountain resort city of Melgar with a fully-equipped hospital. A military base 10 km away also has a hospital in case of emergency. This region of Colombia is not involved in the cultivation of banned substances and is politically stable. The rural population in Tolima is primarily low-income, but the region is not one of desperate poverty.

For more information on amenities and options, please send us an email: info AT arcapacha DOT com