Art Facilities

  • Studio: ARCAPACHA's current studio is 22 m2, accessed by an outside terrace that encircles the house, and an open air patio suitable for working outside. The studio includes:
    Two painting scaffolds
    One professional drawing table
    A desktop computer with flat-screen monitor, web-cam, printer, and scanner
    Wireless internet via satellite
    A video camera (Sony model DCR-TRV900E, 3 CCC)

    Our current facilities are flexible to accommodate many arts media, and other uses. Please let us know of any special requirements. A new studio is under construction with open views to the mountains. It is being built in wood, and will have 4 rooms for our guests. It will include a separate two floor facility for rehearsal space, an illustration studio, carpentry shop, as well as a metalworks and ceramics studio.

  • Materials and Tools: On your arrival, ARCAPACHA staff will assist with visits to excellent art supply shops in Bogota. Artists are also encouraged to consider the use of natural materials from the area such as stone, wood, clay, bamboo (guadua), lianas, or sand. We facilitate small trips to the nearby villages and forest areas. Guest are invited to use our supply of tools for basic wood, ceramic and metal work, but should discuss specific requirements ahead of time.

  • Library: A wide selection of fine books on art and literature is available to guests.

For more information on amenities and options, please send us an email: info AT arcapacha DOT com

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