Residence Information

The ARCAPACHA Residency Center offers accommodation, workshop spaces, and practical support for artists, writers, and researchers. Specific arrangements are negotiated according to the interests of each of our guests.

  • Residence: ARCAPACHA is designed to host one client (up to four people) at a time to ensure privacy and focus. Duration of residencies is generally 3-8 weeks.

  • Accommodation: Guests have exclusive use of our traditional adobe farmhouse, which has a room with a double bed, and one with two single beds. Bed sheets, blankets and pillows are included.

  • Meals: Guests are offered a meal plan (including vegetarian options), or they may simply use the kitchen themselves. The kitchen is located in the middle of a patio surrounded by mango trees, with views to the cordillera. Gardens with vegetables and fresh fruits surround the kitchen area. We offer fruit juices from local trees, and our food ingredients are produced from our own or other local farms that use natural growing methods.

For more information on amenities and options, please send us an email: info AT arcapacha DOT com

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